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A chance discovery

A chance discovery

Mahak started volunteering with CAPED a few months ago, and subsequently found out that she had Cervical Cancer

Mahak Garg, a resident of Ballabhgarh town in Faridabad, Haryana, has been volunteering for the past 12-13 years with various non-profit organisations. Her involvement has helped many health organisations reach out to women in and around the community where she lives.

54 year old Mahak, started volunteering with CAPED about four months ago. She helps CAPED mobilise communities and spread awareness about Cervical Cancer screening camps in her area. Prior to volunteering with CAPED, Mahak was not aware about Cervical Cancer. Once she got involved with CAPED, she voluntarily underwent screening for the disease.

Unexpectedly, she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. She was surprised beyond measure, considering she had never experienced any of the symptoms of the disease. After being diagnosed in May 2018, she has been advised to undertake colposcopy and biopsy. She verified the diagnosis with her Gynecologist and was advised the same course of action.

While physically, she doesn’t feel any different now than before the diagnosis, she has become more concerned and careful about her health. Until now, she and her family would only consult a Homeopathy Doctor and take only Homeopathy medicines. While she awaits the next steps of her treatment, she is hopeful that the infection can be treated with Homeopathy as opposed to Allopathy.

While she is taken aback by the diagnosis, it has not deterred her spirit to do good for the others. Now, she is even more passionate and determined to spread awareness about Cervical Cancer and how it is completely treatable.

*Name changed to protect privacy.