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A journey of challenges

A journey of challenges

Poornima’s struggles in life were many, and then she tested positive for Cervical Cancer. CAPED’s community mobilisers support her through this tough time, in her journey to overcome the disease

40 year old Poornima* is an inmate at the Tihar Jail. Unfortunate circumstances in her life landed her in the prison. Living the struggles of leading a life in prison was very hard for Poornima, however, she tried to keep herself going day after day. Until a few months ago, when she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.

In January 2018, CAPED organised a Cervical Cancer screening camp at Tihar Jail, for the women inmates of the prison. Having experienced reluctance before from women in undergoing the screening test, CAPED community mobilisers were prepared for the challenges of convincing and motivating these women to take the test. When one of the community mobilisers met and spoke with Poornima, she was not keen on interacting with them. With much patience, the community mobiliser gained Poornima’s confidence and convinced her to take the screening test.

Prior to the test, Poornima had experienced none of the symptoms of Cervical Cancer. However, she tested positive for the disease. Poornima broke down and was inconsolable, when the community mobiliser gave her the news. The community mobiliser explained to her with compassion, that her disease was in early stages and can be completely cured. She detailed the next steps to Poornima. The community mobiliser also interfaced with the jail authorities, to explain the situation to them and ensure that Poornima’s treatment was stated immediately.

Currently, Poornima is undergoing treatment in Deen Dayal Hospital, with supervision of the Delhi Police. CAPED’s community mobilisers follow up on her case, making sure her treatment is completed and she gets better.

*Name changed to protect privacy.